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Team Resources

Team Resources

We are looking forward to our 2017 AWT RoboBots program! Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!


2017 Safety Check 

Sign up for your time slot here. We’ll try to put your presentation time as close to your safety inspection as we can.

Documentation and Presentation training video

WebEx training April 13, 2016 (video)

NRL Rules and Regulations

2016 National Robotics League Rules and Regulations have been posted on their website (www.gonrl.org) under Resources/Rules and Regulations. There are no changes for 2017.

Commitment Forms for the 2017 Competition

(2016-2017 school year)

2017 CompanyFirst RoboBot Meeting



2017 School First RoboBot Meeting

2017 Adult Assumption of Risk and Release of all Claims

2017 Student Assumption of Risk and Release of all Claims

2017 Team Information Sheet


Additional Resources:

2017 AWT RoboBots Guidelines

2017 AWT RoboBots Helpful Websites

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