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NTMA Mission
– Help members of the U.S. precision manufacturing industry achieve business success in a global economy through advocacy, advice,networking, information, programs and services.
NTMA Vision
– Become the premier center of knowledge to lead the U.S.   precision custom manufacturing industry in continuing world leadership.

NTMA-U Partner College Degree Accreditation

To complete the total training package and to achieve NTMA-U partner college degree accreditation, all students must successfully meet the 576 hour requirements described below, and earn NIMS Level One Certification:

Semester 1

Introduction to Machining / Basic Shop Math / Basic Blueprint Reading
Presents a foundation for  study of manufacturing methods, processes, related equipment, and tools of  industry,  requiring  student to understand shop safety  practices, job planning, feeds and speeds, layout tools and procedures, hand tools and bench work, metal cutting saws, drilling machines,  lathes, milling machines, jig bore and jig grinder, surface grinder, E.D.M, and abrasives.

Semester 2

Intermediate Machining / Intermediate Applied shop math  / Intermediate  Blueprint
Provides skills in layout techniques and operations, including calculating bolt hole circles, location of surfaces related by non-right angle triangles, and points of tangency and other related applied shop mathematics.

Semester 3

Introduction to CNC / Advanced Applied shop math  / Advanced  Blueprint
Fundamentals of computer application as aid to machining processes.  Emphasis on engineering drawing analysis, using trigonometry and other forms of mathematics to determine programming points; ascertaining implied part dimensions; determinations of machining parameters; calculation of speeds; feeds and tool offset; establishment of work zero and tool home positions.

Semester 4

Continuation of CNC / Advanced Applied shop math  / Advanced  Blueprint
Advanced study of manufacturing methods, processes, related equipment, and tools of industry, requiring student to understand standard requirements trade.

Semester 5

Metallurgy / Specialty Machining
Advanced study of relationship of materials, fixtures, and special machining operations as they are related to applications of machine shop production of precise parts, dies, and mold components.

Semester 6

A study of geometric symbols, application of modifiers like MMC, RFS and LMC along with application of position tolerance measurement and limits of size including virtual condition. The course concludes with a unit on the datum reference frame to ensure students understand how to apply datums to functional parts.

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