Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Foundation Receives $250,000 in Industry Sector Partnership Funds

Ohio (December 13, 2023) – The Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Foundation is proud to announce the award of $250,000 in funding through the State of Ohio’s Industry Sector Partnership Grant. AWT is one of 26 workforce partnerships across the state receiving a portion of $5 million in awards through the Industry Sector Partnership (ISP) Grant. This significant investment by the State of Ohio underlines its commitment to fostering a strong, skilled workforce that meets the demands of in-demand jobs, benefiting Ohioans and the state’s job creators. 


The Ohio Industry Sector Partnership Grant, aimed at supporting collaborations between businesses, education, training providers, and community leaders, focuses on regional workforce improvements. AWT, as the OMA Endorsed Industry Sector Partner for Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula counties, will utilize this funding to enhance workforce development through targeted training and exposure to rewarding manufacturing careers. 


“AWT is grateful to Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Husted, and Director Mihalik for their continued commitment to investing in Ohio’s workforce pipeline,” according to Teresa Simons, Executive Director of AWT.  “This funding is a testament to their commitment and will significantly boost our efforts to develop our regional workforce. Our focus remains on providing high-quality training and creating pathways to rewarding careers in manufacturing. We are excited to continue to collaborate with our manufacturing members, educational and community partners to make this vision a reality,” said Simons.

About The Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Foundation

The Alliance for Working Together Foundation (AWT) is dedicated to promoting rewarding manufacturing careers. As a membership organization, we work together to introduce students to manufacturing and connect businesses to engage with their potential future workers. Based in Northeast Ohio, AWT and its members work toward the sustainability of manufacturing in our community.

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