Announcing new tools for our supporters!

At AWT, we want to provide our members with additional tools to connect to potential employees and other businesses. The new Members’ Hub is one important step in realizing this goal and providing people with rewarding careers in manufacturing!

AWT is thrilled to share with you how you can use your membership with us to network, view member only events, share your contact information with other members for networking, access vital resources, use our site to advertise news, events, deals and recruit new employees!

Log In to the Member Center Here!

Start by making sure your contact profile is complete and update-to-date so others can successfully connect with you. Then explore the site and have fun taking advantage of special members only access.

  • Search the directory listing – your contact information and our other members are available in the “members only” hub.
  • Personalized member listing page – included in the directory is your own information page on the website which can include a description area, location, logo, photos and contact details based on your membership level.
  • Resources- being part of our association includes access to key sites, documents and other information to help you thrive in our community. Check out the resource area to learn more.
  • Events – advertise your upcoming events to other members and/or on our public site. Login to create your event page and submit to us for review/approval. Also, check out and register for upcoming events on our calendar.
  • Career Center– create a posting for any job openings you have available – gain visibility and help recruit new employees.
  • News – Share exciting and important information with our community. Enter your news item to be added to our site.

Our members are all listed online at


If you’d rather not be listed or if you would like to change how your company is displayed, you can make updates in the hub. Content is always changing; please help us ensure that yours is always updated so that we and others in the community can reach you.


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