AWT 11th Annual RoboBots Competition Recap

AWT hosted our 11th Annual AWT RoboBots Competition on Saturday, April 24th, 2021 at Fredon Corporation with 16 teams from twelve different high schools for a total of about 160 students. Congratulations to our winners: 

[Combat Winners]
•1st Place Ashtabula County A-Tech
•2nd Place Beaumont School
•3rd Place Riverside Local Schools

[Best Interview]
•1st Place Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy
•2nd Place Beaumont
•3rd Place Madison High School Hades

[Best Documentation]
•1st Place Beaumont
•2nd Place Cuyahoga Christian Academy
•3rd Place Madison High School Athena

[Best Engineered]
•1st Place A-tech
•2nd Place Beaumont
•3rd Place Madison High School Athena

In case you missed the competition, check-out our AWT RoboBots Competition Live Stream, News 5 Coverage Video, & News Herald Article below. 

RoboBots Competition Live Stream
RoboBots News 5 Coverage
RoboBots News Herald Article

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