RoboBots & Junior Bots 2017 Results

It was a great day and hope you all had as much fun as we did! We can’t possibly thank all of you enough but Lakeland Community College​, MC Grover, Timeless Photography, Mr. Hamman, volunteers, and spectators – thank you all for making it a great day.

Final Standings:
Best Documentation: Kenston High School​
Best Presentation: Lake Catholic High School​
Best Engineered: Beaumont School​
Best Sportsmanship: Eastlake North High School​* story in comments
Coolest Bot: Beaumont

Junior Bots:
3rd: Silver Flames (Ms. Avalon, Cardinal Middle School)
2nd: Madison Blue (Mr. Polzer, Madison Middle)
1st: Mentor Matrix (Ms. Rose, Mentor Memorial Middle School)

3rd: Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District – ​ sponsored by Talan & Nottingham Spirk – robot Vulcan
2nd: Beaumont – sponsored by Christopher Tool – robot Stobor II
1st: Ashtabula County Technical And Career Campus​ –
sponsored by Short Run Machine, Wecall Inc, Penco Tool, Spring Team, Hemly Tool, Austinburg Machine, Reese Machine, Fenton MFG, Fargo Machine, Delta RR – Robot Arditi


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