June 16, 2017
Thank you Channel 3 for coming out to see our Summer Manufacturing Insitute!   Watch the video from week 1 here at the source…  Possible U: Manufacturing Summer Camp |
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As SMI 2017 continues to rock, the News-Herald was kind enough to visit with the students on one of our shop tours!   Read the article at the source: Students get tour of Fredon Corporation shop floor during all-girls manufacturing camp  
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Agencies like the Port Authority, Auburn, AWT, the Chambers of Commerce and other agencies are all working together to change perceptions. “‘How do you get young people interested in a very different manufacturing from what their parents or grandparents may think manufacturing might look like today?” “Manufacturing is one of our most important industries, too...
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Thank you WVIZ for covering our 2017 Summer Manufacturing Institute! Ohio has a long history as a manufacturing state.  But to continue the tradition, the next generation needs to be ready and equipped to perform in the fast-changing manufacturing sector where today’s factories are cleaner and more dependent on technology than most of us yet...
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