Apprentice Spotlight: Brodie Longo

Brodie’s journey with the Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Foundation is a testament to the power of hands-on learning and dedication. It all began during his experience in the Lake Shore Compact CTE Program, CAD Engineering Technologies, when he joined the RoboBots program, immersing himself in the world of advanced manufacturing. The exposure through the AWT Foundation and RoboBots was a turning point.

Being part of the Lake Shore Compact team was Brodie’s entry into the machining world. His hands-on experience with manual lathes, Bridgeports, and assembling robots sparked his passion. That experience led to a job at a machine shop and a third-place win for his team—marked by their iconic black cowboy hats.

Brodie started working at Rimeco Products in Willoughby, and after two weeks, he was offered the chance to join the AWT Apprenticeship Program. He was drawn to the four-year apprenticeship and the ability to earn a journeyman’s certificate. Thanks to his previous experience at Lake Shore Compact, he entered at the second-year level, fitting well with his career goals and the offer of free, career-relevant education.

At Rimeco, the combination of the AWT Apprenticeship Program and the on-site work combination was remarkable. Brodie was able to apply what he learned in the AWT lab and classroom on Thursday to what he was doing at work on Friday, constantly enhancing his skills. Transitioning to solid modeling and different machinery posed challenges, yet his dedication never wavered. His growth from a novice learning Kwik Clamp setups to leading Rimeco’s 321 CRES cell division within two years showcases his commitment and the program’s efficacy.

Today, Brodie oversees four machines, handling setups, first-piece inspections, and mentoring colleagues. His journey from a newbie to a lead position is a testament to the success of the AWT Apprenticeship Program and Rimeco’s investment in its employees.

Brodie Longo’s success story is a shining example of how dedication, the right opportunities, and a robust apprenticeship program can mold individuals into industry leaders.

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