Auburn Career Center Receives State-of-the-Art 5 Axis CNC Mill through Alliance for Working Together Foundation Funding, Elevating Advanced Manufacturing Education and Employment Opportunities

Mentor, Ohio (October 4, 2023) – On Thursday, May 25th, Auburn Career Center welcomed the arrival of a cutting-edge 5-axis CNC mill for its Advanced Manufacturing Lab, made possible through funding secured by the Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Foundation via the EDA Good Jobs Challenge Grant.

This technological advancement marks a significant step forward in providing educational resources for the community. The new 5-axis CNC mill will allow students and community members alike to explore and learn novel CNC concepts and programming skills crucial for current and future job markets in the manufacturing sector.

Brian Bontempo, Superintendent at Auburn Career Center, expressed his gratitude and excitement over acquiring the new CNC mill: “We are so appreciative of the opportunity to have such a critical manufacturing training machine on our campus. Equipment of this caliber and ability is rare in schools, and we are proud to be a part of the manufacturing training ecosystem in our region. The leadership that the AWT provides and their willingness to partner for the best interest of our region and Ohio is what makes this all possible. We have plans to offer special customized classes to the manufacturing community, summer Sprint classes, as well as expose all of our high school and adult students to the machine. I know our leadership team and the instructors are thrilled to have this equipment. A big thank you goes out to the AWT for making this happen.”

Installing this state-of-the-art machinery allows students to engage with the most recent technology in CNC programming and operations. Auburn Career Center is committed to providing access to such invaluable resources to help individuals develop skills that are highly sought after in the advanced manufacturing industry.

The AWT Foundation, along with other partnerships within the Ohio Manufacturing Association (OMA) network, will utilize the grant to execute specific recruitment and upskilling strategies as outlined in the AWT workforce development action plan for Northeast Ohio. This initiative will significantly impact the region by enhancing the local manufacturing workforce with trained and credentialed professionals.

“With the support from the EDA Good Jobs Challenge Grant and our collaboration with OMA, educational, and industry partners, we are excited to make this substantial contribution to workforce development in our region,” said Teresa Simons, Executive Director of the AWT Foundation.

About Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Foundation 

The Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Foundation is a 501-c(3) non-profit dedicated to promoting rewarding manufacturing careers. AWT is a coalition of education, business, social services, and community leaders focused on aligning the learning system with the needs of the business community to support economic growth. As a membership organization, we work together to introduce students to manufacturing and connect businesses to engage with their potential future workers. Based in Northeast Ohio, AWT, and its members work toward the sustainability of manufacturing in our community. For more information about AWT, please visit

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