News and Links From 2016 and Earlier

Making Stuff

  • Mike Rowe’s campaign called I Make America
  • How Everyday Things Are Made: The Product Realization Network at Stanford University
  • The Edge Factor highlights the excitement of modern advanced manufacturing technology. This video-rich site displays real life manufacturing and metalworking challenges, spotlighting the technology that overcomes those challenges.
  • This award winning, interactive website challenges and engages students in basic engineering and science principles.
  • Robotic Race Car Hits the Track Stanford University’s self-driving Audi TTS, Shelley, hit 120 mph on a recent track test. Combined with new research on professional drivers’ brain activity, the autonomous car’s performance could get even better (way back in 2012!)

Hiring People

  • Workforce & Talent Link: The availability of a reliable, skilled workforce is one of the most important factors for businesses planning to expand or relocate.
  • Business Incentives Tax Credit Links: Find out how your business can receive an income tax credit
  • Get Skills to Work: GE, Manufacturing Institute, ALCOA Inc., Boeing and Lockheed Martin launch coalition to train US veterans for jobs in advanced manufacturing

Opinion Pieces

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